Proposed Bills for Tennessee Legislature

The Tennessee Alliance of TEA Party and Liberty Groups reviewed proposed bills for the Tennessee Legislature at their January 19th meeting in Nashville.  A total of 30 bills were discussed which addressed the following five pillars (P) of concern:

  • P1- Rebuilding the separation of State and Federal Governments
  • P2- Restoring individual liberties
  • P3- Strengthening State Governance
  • P4- Strengthening State Economy
  • P5- Strengthening State Citizenship

The top two priority bills from each pillar are summarized here for further discussion:

(P1).2 – Federal Agency Exclusion Act – Repeals Tennessee statutes that were passed after 9-11 that improperly empower federal agencies to act as if they were state law enforcement agencies.

(P1).3 – Constitutional Enforcement Restraint Act – Clarifies that Federal law enforcement agencies have no Constitutional authority to investigate, make arrests, or otherwise act as state law enforcement agencies, unless specifically authorized by Tennessee State law.

(P2).1 - Property Rights in Forfeiture Proceedings Act – Forfeiture of any property for criminal reasons must be initiated with a warrant, and ownership of the property cannot be transferred to the government unless the owner is convicted of a relevant criminal act.

(P2).4 – Property Rights in Local Planning Act – Establishes rules requiring community planning to remain under the control of local elected officials (and not regional planners), requires all planners to undergo annual property rights training, and preserves owner rights when jurisdictional boundaries affect his property, or during the planning process.

(P3).2 – Sheriff’s Constitutional Duties Act – Clarifies the duties and superiority of the sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in every county.

(P3).3 – Tennessee Constitutional Judgements Act – Requires judges to rely exclusively on Tennessee and United States law, to the exclusion of all foreign sources or standards, and to adjust their oath of office accordingly.   (ie. No Sharia Law -Ed.)

(P4).1 – Tennessee Constitutional Prohibition of Income Tax Resolution – Endorses the second enactment of the resolution providing for the next general election to include amendment of the state constitution to prohibit any state income tax in Tennessee.

(P4).2 - Budgeted Expenses Reduction Act – Prohibits the use of funds by Tennessee agencies to advertise welfare services, or to threaten law enforcement actions.

(P5).1 – Tennessee Civics Education Act – Requires Tennessee curriculum content in civics to promote true values of the United States and its founders, to include full understanding of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the success of capitalism, and the effect the United States has had in leading the world and its quest for freedom and prosperity.

(P5).2 Tennessee Textbook Selection Committee Act – Diversifies the staffing of the Tennessee text book selection committee to add subject matter experts from outside the education profession.

Which of these bills are important to you and why?


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