Obamacare to Cost Family of Four $20,000 by 2016

CNS News just broke the story that the cost of Obamacare will  exceed $20,000 per family of four by 2016.  If your family is not on an Obamacare qualified plan you will be taxed (fined) about $2,400 per year.  Click here for details about how this legislation will impact you.

This proposed regulation is in the NPRM (Notice for Proposed Rulemaking) process which means it is still open for public comment.  These comments must be received by May 2, 2013 and a public hearing will be held on May 29, 2013.  We encourage you to respond to the NPRM and contact your legislators about how this assault on the family budget will affect you.

Costs ramp up over the next three years. In 2016 a family of four with two children under the age of 18 will pay $2,085 per month on the Obamacare plan.  Breaking it down, each adult will pay $695 and the cost for each child will be half of that amount.  If that family chooses a non-qualified plan or elects not to have health insurance they will be charged a “shared responsibility payment” of around $2,400 per year on their federal income tax.

Click here for more information.

What do you think can be done to deal with this mess?

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